What You Must Do to Lose Weight Post Pregnancy

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023
Pregnancy happens to be one of the most delicate medical conditions, at least for women. Of the many things that change within the female body, what remains sure is that some extra weight will be gained. No matter how much you diet during the nine months– something that could affect your kid's health– you will always end up adding a few calories. The good thing is that you could always regain your previous body shape by embracing the right methods to lose weight post pregnancy. Even if you gained the 25 or so pounds that doctors often recommend, it should only take you a few months to regain your proper shape. 
Many people have become very desperate to lose weight that they buy any new shortcut that comes up. However, here are some of the tips that will help you lose weight post pregnancy:
  • Do not diet: Many new mothers just can't wait to get back to their former shape. However, research has shown that depriving your body of your favorite meals at a time when you are worked up could derail weight loss. 
  • Concentrate on super foods: As a new mother, your body needs a lot of nutrients to recover. This is why you will need to eat a lot of super foods such as fish and milk, while restricting intake of foods with high fat and calorie content. 
  • Exercise: Taking in the right food is only but one side of your plan. You will have to find time to do some light exercises such as taking a stroll with the baby. 
Water will also be very important if you want to lose weight in post pregnancy time. Water not only prevents you from getting dehydrated, but fills you up so you would not eat too much. 
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