What Things Increase Telomere Length?

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Find out how to increase telomere length and live longer. 


0:00 Increase telomere length and your lifespan 

0:10 Inside your cells 

0:30 What is a telomere?

1:15 Epigenetic factors 

1:40 Things that hurt telomeres 

2:00 How to increase telomere length 

3:27 Share your success story! 

Let’s talk about telomeres and how to increase telomere length. A telomere is a protective mechanism at the end part of your chromosome. The shorter it gets, the faster you age and the higher risk you have for diseases. 

As cells divide, chromosomes need to replicate because there needs to be a complete set. But, every time they replicate, telomeres become shorter and shorter. 

There are epigenetic factors that can help you or hurt you. Epigenetics control your genetics. There are things you can do and avoid that can greatly affect your telomeres. 

Things that hurt telomeres:

• Poor diet

• Obesity 

• Lack of exercise

• Lack of sleep 

• Stress

• Smoking 

• Alcohol 

• Pollution 

Things that help increase telomere length:

• Omega-3 fatty acids

• Astragalus 

• Gotu kola 

• Green tea 

• Curcumin 

• Vitamin D 

• Zinc 

• Consistent exercise with good recovery 

• Sleep 

• Decreasing stress

• Healthy diet 










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