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What If You Stop Eating Grains for 14 Days

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Find out what will happen if you stop eating grains for just 14 days.

0:00 Introduction

0:42 What’s a grain?

2:42 The problem with fortified grains

5:42 What happens if you stop eating grains for 2 weeks

12:47 Find out what happens if you stop eating sugar for 2 weeks

Let’s talk about what would happen if you stopped eating grains for 14 days. Giving up grains for two weeks may even be more beneficial than giving up sugar for two weeks. Not only do grains cause a spike in blood sugar, but they also cause a lot of inflammation.

If you consume refined grains, you create deficiencies of certain nutrients. Although grains in the US are fortified with certain synthetic vitamins, fortified grains are actually not good for your digestive system.

If you give up grains for 2 weeks, you will:

• Take stress off of the heart

• Have more balanced blood sugars

• Increase your absorption of minerals

• Reduce gut inflammation

• Have less bloating

• Have less inflammation

• Have less fluid retention

• Feel calmer and sleep better

• Experience relief if you have Hashimoto’s

• Boost your immune system

• Decrease your exposure to glyphosate

Gluten and Gut Health:

▶️ https://youtu.be/u8YFHAAuC7A

▶️ https://youtu.be/PJ2cW7mF9RE

▶️ https://youtu.be/66XAjczob4Q

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