What Happens If You Stop Eating Bread for 14 Days

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Check out the incredible effects cutting out bread for just 14 days would have on your health. 


0:00 Is bread bad for you? 

0:30 What would happen if you cut out bread

3:09 Share your success story!  

Let’s talk about what would happen if you gave up bread for 14 days. 

Here are a few things in bread that are damaging to your health:

• Gluten 

• Sugar 

• Starch

• Conditioners

• Mold killers

• Phytates 

• Glyphosate 

What would happen if you cut out bread for 14 days:

1. Decreased bloating

2. Increased zinc, calcium, and iron 

3. Your head will feel better (decreased brain fog, decreased headaches, better memory, and better attention)

4. Better mood (decreased anxiety and depression)

5. Decreased pain and inflammation 

6. Increased weight loss and decreased belly fat (decreased insulin)

7. Increased energy 

8. Fewer symptoms of diabetes (decreased A1C after 3 months of cutting out bread)

9. Decreased LDL and decreased oxidation in the arteries 

10. Increased vitamin E and B vitamins 


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