Vitamin D and COVID-19: Dr. Berg Interviews Dr. Seheult on Treatment and Prevention

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Learn about vitamin D and how it affects the COVID-19 infections in this fascinating interview with Dr. Seheult.

Dr. Roger Seheult’s Channel:

0:00 Introduction: Dr. Roger Seheult on vitamin D for COVID-19

1:05 The latest research on vitamin D for COVID-19

8:00 Does vitamin D help reduce covid duration, intensity, and complications?

12:44 Is it possible to get enough vitamin D in your diet without supplements?

20:08 Why it’s important to take magnesium and zinc with vitamin D

22:50 How vitamin D affects autoimmunity

26:30 Genes and covid susceptibility

27:48 More tips for covid

31:48 Thanks for watching

In this video, we’re going to talk with Dr. Roger Seheult about COVID-19 and vitamin D.

Listen in to this fascinating interview where we talk about the benefits of vitamin D for COVID-19.

Interview highlights:

• Low levels of vitamin D have been linked to covid infection and covid symptom severity

• Vitamin D may help reduce cytokine storm factors

• Normal vitamin D levels may reduce the risk of hospitalization due to covid infection

• 25-hydroxy vitamin D is the most effective form for covid

• Vitamin D isn’t just a vitamin—it also acts as a hormone

• Vitamin D is a powerful immunomodulator

• Gene expression can be affected by vitamin D

• Vitamin D can help reduce viral infection duration, intensity, and complications

• Regular vitamin D supplementation can help reduce the frequency of acute chest infections by 50%

• Most vitamin D comes from the sun

• Age, weight, time spent outside, and skin tone can affect your ability to get vitamin D from sunlight

• Genetic defects can make you more susceptible to covid

• Black cumin seed may help with covid severity and symptoms

• Sunlight—regardless of vitamin D production—may help reduce covid severity



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