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The Biggest Mistake When Doing Ketosis

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

What Is the Biggest Mistake People Make When Doing the Ketogenic Diet?

Dr. Eric Berg

The biggest mistake people make is consuming too much fat. If you look up the ketosis diet, they always say you can have 85% of your calories from fat.


That is a LOT of fat.

If you were to consume 2 500 calories from fat that comes out to 220 grams from fat, for example,

that would be way too much.

So I believe the keto diet is off in this regard.

You might get into ketosis, but you won't be able to lose any weight or burn your own fat off of your body.

You have to go slow with fat. A lot of people cannot digest fat, and you may want to gradually increase the fat to give your body time to build up the enzymes to properly digest the fat.

So don't start gorging on coconut oil and butter from grass-fed animals and think you're going to drop a lot of weight - or eating a lot of keto bombs and losing weight.

Let Hunger Dictate the Amount of Fat You Eat

Let the hunger dictate how much you eat. Fat helps to suppress appetite, so you'll only crave food badly when you're not eating enough of it.


You want to burn your own fat. In fact, after you get into ketosis, you can enhance the burning of fat off of your body by cutting down on the fat a little more.

Then, you can start living off of your own reserves in your belly and on the rest of the body. There are people who just overdo it.

If you're not experiencing a lot of hunger, then cut back on your fat and you'll burn more of your own.

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-Dr. Eric Berg

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