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The Amount of Hidden Sugar You've Been Eating WILL SHOCK YOU!

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 12/06/2021

How much sugar do you think you consume in a year? You may be consuming more than you realize. Check this out! 


0:00 Sugar consumption

0:10 How much sugar the average person consumes

0:36 How much sugar the American Diabetes Association recommends 

1:00 Carbs turn to sugar 

1:33 How much sugar the average person consumes (including carbs)

2:20 The effects of high amounts of sugar on the body

4:30 Health problems high amounts of sugar can create 

Today we’re going to talk about sugar consumption. People consume a lot of added sugar without realizing it. 

The American Diabetes Association said that people between the ages of two and eighteen should consume less than 25g of added sugar a day. That’s 6 tsp of added sugar every day. 

I believe this is way too much sugar for a person to consume every day. Many people also don’t know that all carbohydrates turn to sugar in the body except fiber (like the fiber in vegetables). 

Including carbs, the average person might consume about 275g of sugar every day. This comes out to a little over a half of a pound (.27kg) of sugar every single day. This means the average person might consume about 219 pounds (98.9kg) of sugar every year. 

Excess sugar is toxic to the body, this is called glucotoxicity, and it can create all kinds of problems in the body. 

Insulin quickly moves excess sugar out of the blood. Insulin’s job is actually to move any amount of sugar over 1 tsp. out of the blood. But, the more sugar you eat, the more insulin is going to be pumped out. And, insulin is toxic to the body in high amounts. Chronic exposure of both sugar and insulin can create a lot of problems even before a person becomes a diabetic. 

Potential health problems excess glucose and excess insulin can create:

• Heart problems 

• Bad teeth 

• Problems with the brain

• Hormonal problems 

• Skin problems 

• Bad breath 

• Joint inflammation 

• Less endurance

• Tiredness 

• Eye problems  

• Belly fat 

• Nerve pain 

• Fatty liver 

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