STOP Knee Pain! 5 Best Exercises to Create Symmetry in Knee Muscles - Dr. Berg

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Learn how to stop knee pain using these simple exercises.

0:00 Introduction: Stop knee pain

1:07 Anatomy you should know

3:02 The best exercises for knee pain

7:15 Watch my other video on how to get rid of knee pain

Today, I’m going to cover the five best exercises to help strengthen your knee, especially after an injury or during recovery.

These exercises will strengthen the muscles in the knee. They will also help provide symmetry between both knees and the muscles in the front of the knee and back of the knee.

Typically, a person will injure one knee, which sets up a pattern of putting pressure on the opposite knee. Over time, this can create asymmetrical stress. You may have hurt your right ankle, but 20 years later, you have pain in your left knee because of years of compensation.

The best exercises to stop knee pain:

1. Quad stretch

2. Heel/calf stretch

3. Half squat

4. Hamstring curl

5. Straight leg raises

Watch the Tutorial Videos Here:

Quadriceps stretch: ▶️

Heel and calf stretch: ▶️

Half squat: ▶️

Hamstring curl: ▶️

Straight leg raises: ▶️

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