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Knee Pain and Tight Calf Muscles

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/30/2023

Knee pain and tight calf muscles can be related! Check this out.


0:00 Knee pain and tight calf muscles

0:10 What is patellar tendonitis?

1:03 What to do for patellar tendonitis

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Today we’re going to talk about knee pain and tight calf muscles. This video especially applies to you if you experience knee pain in the front of your knee, just under the knee cap.

Knee pain in the front part of the knee is sometimes called patellar tendonitis. It’s usually caused by tight calf muscles or, sometimes, tight hamstrings. With this condition, you’re going to have a difficult time bringing your foot upwards. This happens because your calf muscle is tight.

An interesting study shows that when you have tight calf muscles, your risk of getting patellar tendonitis can increase by 16x. This condition can affect your ability to run, jump, and do other types of motion.

So, what can you do for patellar tendonitis? Stretch the calf muscles.

How to stretch the calf muscles:

1. Go on your stairs, put the front part of your foot on one of the steps, and stretch the calf muscle.

2. Use a slant board to stretch the calf muscles.

3. Put a small pillow between your knees and draw a circle clockwise with your knees about ten times, then do the same thing but counter-clockwise. Do this after you’ve stretched using a slant board for a few days, and don’t start doing this stretch on a step or slant board. The next step would be eventually doing this stretch while using the slant board.

DATA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pv0DYn1Ksyg

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