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How to Stay Consistent with Losing Weight

By Dr. Eric Berg DC
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How to Stay Consistent with Losing Weight: Check Your Diet Plan 

Dr. Eric Berg


Do you ever feel like you have a problem staying consistent with your weight loss program?

Well, half the battle with weight loss is sticking to the program.

Part of what often hinders people trying to lose weight is that they get too hungry before they decide what to fix that won’t break their diet. Or they get too hungry and don’t have the ingredients for a kale salad in the house.

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Other reasons people hinder their weight loss progress:

  1. Bored: They keep eating the same boring food, which makes vulnerable to temptation. Planning ahead with some interesting meals might help here.

  2. Distracted: Kids, families, going out to dinner, all of these can distract you from your goals.

  3. Forget:  To eat or they wait too long to eat, the blood sugar crashes, and then they eat the wrong things because they’re weak and hungry.


Often, people get to hungry and then don’t want to go to the store to get all the ingredients necessary to make a healthy, low carbohydrate meal with all the fats, proteins, and vegetables they need because they haven’t planned their meals ahead and made that important store trip.

Without planning, it’s easy to destroy your whole weight loss plans.

The Challenge is Staying Consistent, and Planning Helps

What is the definition of consistent? It’s something done the same way for a long period of time. The word “consistent” comes from the Latin word which means “to stop, to stand still, or take a stand.”

So, it means to hold your position without wavering, and this is exactly what we want to do with weight loss.

The Missing Step that Will Make You Successful

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There’s a missing step that I can show you right now that’s hindering your weight loss success.

Planning your meals

You need an easy way to generate a week’s worth of healthy meals or have the best diet to lose weight and then fill your refrigerator and pantry with all the vegetables, proteins, fats, and dry goods to put together a meal when you’re tired, or when you’re really having a craving—for those times you are most vulnerable to reach for something unhealthy. . . a misstep that can lead to a whole day and night of more missteps, typically, . . . 

Usually, once someone relapses on a weight loss program, they go all out and with food. One handful of potato chips and people will go, “Well, I’ve already messed up, might as well have a Big Mac, fries, and a coke.”

Then you gain weight and give up.

How many of you has this happened to?


So Let Me Tell You About My Meal Planner

Planning meals helped me to lose weight and it has helped so many of my patients, especially those who are super busy with work and kids, or who seem to relapse when they are too hungry to make healthy choices.

A Meal Planner helps take the stress out of your weight loss plan because it 

  • Decreases decision making stress about what to eat

  • Places the ingredients right at your hands to make your meal

  • And alleviates that whole tension storm that happens when you want something to eat without breaking your diet but there’s nothing in your house but bad choices

If you don’t plan out your meals for the entire week—then the odds of you sticking with weight loss are lower than you winning the lottery.

If you’re going to get married you need plan, and if you’re going to build a house you need a plan, and if you’re going to build a new body by eating right and eating at the right times, then you need weigh loss meal plans, the tools that make this easy.

So get a piece of paper and jot down Monday through Sunday what you’re going to eat, your diet for weight loss. Go to the store on Sunday and get these things for the week.

If you don’t do that you’re not going trying to remember amid the stress of your life what to eat.

When your blood sugar has crashed or you are under stress, no longer in the present. So you’ll do things like eat the wrong foods. The goal of weight loss meal plan is to prevent those weak moments that sabotage diets.


Try the Meal Planner Tool

There’s a tool I’ve created called The Meal Maker Program

how-to-stay-consistent-with-losing-weight - mealmaker

I designed this tool to make your life easier and to help you stick with your weight loss efforts.

I have one for “Vegans” and “Meat Eaters” and they generate meals based upon the types of foods you want to eat that week and even reminds you to include periods of fasting so that you can burn fat during these times of day and night by not triggering insulin.

You can press a button, print it out, and put it on the refrigerator. And you’ll know every single meal what you’re putting on that plate, in that bowl, and in your cup.

So I’m just going to show it to you. It’s super easy.

You enter your ingredients under fats, proteins, and vegetables, and then you simply press a button.

There are choices for breakfast, such as a kale shake or eggs and bacon. Or a salad with protein at lunch. 

Then, you print out your entire week of meals, and by looking at this, you’ll know exactly what kind of foods you need to buy on Sunday to make these meals, and you’ll have fresh proteins and vegetables in the house to make them!

There’s two ways you can get the  Meal Maker Program. You can buy it off of my website.

Or you can get a Exclusive Membership which includes all kinds of bonuses, such as access to me personally and 200 weight loss tips and videos that are not on YouTube.

So decide which one you want to do and click.

Your meals are planned all week and then you’re 100% more likely to stick with your weight loss diet.

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Dr. Eric Berg


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