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How to Lose Stretch Marks

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 05/02/2011

Stretch marks are among the perennial problems of men and women alike. These marks appear when a person rapidly gains or loses weight. Women who lost weight after pregnancy are highly prone to these marks, and many have ravaged the internet and other resources in finding the best way to remove stretch marks.

Stretch marks are overstretched skin. The skin fibers have gone way beyond their capacity and the small microfibers get torn and then they heal with scar tissues. The risk of developing these marks is high among women and overweight people. Having high levels of cortisone also leads to deteriorating skin elasticity.

Now, how do you get rid of stretch marks? You need three things: vitamin E, wheat germ oil and coconut oil or coconut butter.

Vitamin E nourishes the skin tissue, so with this, you can prevent their rapid formation or improve your skin condition. Wheat germ oil helps break down the scar.

Aside from stretch marks, wheat germ oil is also known to lessen wrinkles and other scars. Coconut butter or oil also helps with the reduction because the skin has a fat layer very similar to coconut oil. With this, the oil’s penetration is easier so nutrients can get in faster, speeding up the healing and reconstruction of the skin.


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