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How to Fix Your Low Back Pain (INSTANTLY!) - Dr. Berg

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 02/19/2022

Find out what causes low back pain and how to fix low back pain fast!

0:00 Introduction: Fix low back pain fast

0:15 #1 Excessive sitting

3:30 #2 Low vitamin D

4:00 #3 An asymmetrical muscle

5:30 #4 A disc problem

6:07 #5 Kidney stones

6:33 #6 Enlarged prostate

7:00 #7 Problems with the uterus

7:22 #8 Pain in the SI joint

7:50 Check out my video on sciatic pain!

Today we’re going to talk about how to get rid of low back pain fast.

Low back pain causes and remedies:

1. Excessive sitting

What you can do:

• The quadriceps stretch

• Spend at least 1-hour walking

2. Low vitamin D

What you can do:

• Take vitamin D (about 30,000 IU)

3. An asymmetrical muscle

What you can do:

• Pinpoint the motion you can't go into, and use stretches to work on it

4. A disc problem

What you can do:

• Lay on your back and press on the front part of your abdomen opposing the pain in your lower back

5. Kidney stones

What you can do:

• Drink at least 2.5 liters of fluid a day

6. Enlarged prostate

What you can do:

• Cut out dairy

7. Problems with the uterus

What you can do:

• Take calcium lactate (during menstruation)

8. Pain in the SI joint

What you can do:

• Consume sea kelp

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