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Covid-19 and Black Fungus

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 04/13/2024

Could COVID-19 make you susceptible to a black fungus infection? Find out.


0:00 Introduction: COVID-19 and black fungus

0:28 Why COVID-19 may increase risk of fungal infections

2:08 Black fungus symptoms

2:48 Best remedies for black fungus infection

3:50 Bulletproof your immune system 

In this video, we’re going to talk about COVID-19 and black fungus.

In certain countries, there have been more instances of having a black fungus infection after having COVID-19. The scientific name of this fungus is mucormycosis, and it grows in certain soils.

Steroid coronavirus treatments may increase the risk of fungal infections. Additionally, if you are a diabetic, this can increase the risk of fungal infections after covid.

Anything that compromises your immune system may increase your risk of a black fungus infection.

When you take a steroid, you are actually suppressing the immune system. In fact, the hormone cortisol turns off immune reactions. This is why cortisol is used for inflammatory conditions.

The symptoms of a black fungus infection include:

• Sinus infection

• Facial pain

• Congestion

• Eye pain

• Lung infection

• Respiratory problems

• Coughing Although black fungus infections are rare, these symptoms typically appear 10-60 days after infection.

The best remedies for a black fungus infection include:

• Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (o2 inhibits fungal growth)

• Garlic and oregano oil

• Vitamin D and zinc

• Non-dairy probiotics

• Getting your blood sugars under control (keto and intermittent fasting)

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: https://youtu.be/H-8mZBkgKfQ

Garlic and Oregano Oil:




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