Animals Resistant to Diseases that Kill Humans

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Check out these fascinating animals that are resistant to diseases that are dangerous to humans.


0:00 Introduction: Animals Resistant to Diseases that Kill Humans

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1:57 Bears

2:34 Chimpanzees

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In this video, we’re going to talk about animals that are resistant to diseases that kill humans. This is a fascinating topic, and I’d like to share this interesting information with you.

Take a look.

Elephants - Elephants have 100x more cells than humans, but they have incredibly low rates of cancer. Why? Scientists found 20 copies of the TP53 gene, which suppresses tumor cells. Humans only have 1 of these genes. The TP53 gene is known as the “guardian of the genome.”

Naked mole rats - Naked mole rats are also protected from cancer. This is due to having extremely high levels of something called hyaluronan, which can cage cancer cells. They are also protected from hypoxia (a lack of oxygen). This is likely due to living underground most of their lives. Naked mole rats have special protection against oxidative stress due to a high-expressed gene called Nrf. The Nrf gene is the “master of oxidative stress protection.” We also have this gene, and it helps protect us from disease in extreme environments.

Bears - Bears become diabetic when they hibernate. When they awaken, their diabetes goes away. This is because their insulin levels drop to a minimum to tap into their fat reserves during hibernation. This is a similar effect that happens while you’re on Healthy Keto.

Chimpanzees - Chimpanzees use certain leaves to protect themselves against pathogens. They roll these leaves around in their mouths, which helps kill bacteria, fungus, and parasites.


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