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9 Top Super Foods on the Planet

By Dr. Eric Berg DC
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9 Top Super Foods on the Planet

These 9 super foods are the most nutrient dense foods on the planet. These are mainly vegetables that do wonderful things for our body from the liver, to the colon, to the brain, to the hormones and the list goes on.  

Let me tell you about the wonder of these superfoods for health that actually make up a product I created called Organic Cruciferous Food.

Let me tell you about the wonder of these superfoods for health.

1. Kale

9-top-super-foods-on-the-planet - kale

Kale is bitter. Anything bitter is good for your liver. Kale removes fat from the liver, decongests the gall bladder, and it helps make more bile. Basically, for liver health, which translates into health for the entire system, you want to start consuming more bitter vegetables.

Kale has tons of vitamin C, vitamin K, and vitamin A too, but mainly what it does is to slowly clean and detoxify your liver.

Another good asset about kale is that it’s anti-estrogenic, so if you have a build-up of excess estrogen, the bad kind, it will help balance that.

2. Cabbage

9-top-super-foods-on-the-planet - cabbage

Cabbage is rich in L-glutamine. That’s a nutrient that’s really good for the brain, heart, the muscles, and good for a leaky gut. Cabbage juice is fantastic for healing ulcers and anything related to an irritable bowel, acid reflux and heartburn as well.

3. Brussel Sprouts

9-top-super-foods-on-the-planet - brussell

Brussel sprouts are similar to cabbage, but they don’t have any negative effects on the thyroid like some other cruciferous vegetables do. Some cruciferous veggies are bad for the thyroid because they deplete iodine. However, you’d have to eat a lot of them. What I like to do and what I recommend to my patients is just to take some sea kelp with them, and you’re good to go. So, Brussel sprouts have all the effects that cabbage has, without the thyroid-negative aspect.

4. Radish

9-top-super-foods-on-the-planet - raddish

Radish is really high in Sulphur, so it’s really good to help detoxify the liver, specifically chemicals and poisons that are in the liver. It’s good for helping to eliminate poisons of all kinds. It supports something called phase I and phase II detoxification. That’s where you take a poison and turn it into a water soluble particle so that it is eliminated safely through the body.

Radishes are also great for sinus mucus congestion, especially the Spanish black radish. So you can take them for sinus congestion, for deep mucus in the lungs that just can’t come out, and for helping to thin mucus and eliminate it from the body.  

5. Beets  

9-top-super-foods-on-the-planet - beets

The beet top is highest in potassium of any other vegetable, but the actual beet is good as well. Beets are rich in nitric oxide, which is good for decreasing tension in the arteries, decreasing blood pressure, helping increase testosterone, and balancing out estrogens. It’s other chief benefits are for the liver and gall bladder.

6. Asparagus

9-top-super-foods-on-the-planet - Asparagus

Asparagus is rich in fiber to feed the colon, and it’s a very anti-anxiety promoting vegetable as well.  It’s good for relaxation, it’s good for stress, and it’s loaded with vitamin B1. I notice that when I eat or take asparagus that I’m really calm the next day. It’s also good as an anti-diuretic--and it’s good to prevent kidney stones.

7. Garlic

9-top-super-foods-on-the-planet - garlic

We know a lot about garlic. Garlic is the most potent anti-cancer, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungus, anti-yeast food that we have ever been blessed with. It just thoroughly cleans up bad microbes in your system (it also prevents certain things I cannot mention here, but look it up). Overall, garlic is good, powerful stuff. Don’t worry about the smell. The Italians don’t. The benefits make it worth it anyway. And you can always take it in an all-natural supplement form to prevent garlic breath.  

8. Turmeric

9-top-super-foods-on-the-planet - turmeric

Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. It’s good for the brain. It’s also considered an anti-aging nutrient.

9. Parsley

9-top-super-foods-on-the-planet - parsley

Parsley is another one of my favorites. It’s kind of the garnish that no one eats. But parsley has more vitamin A than kale, more vitamin C than oranges, and twice the iron that spinach has. It also has massive amounts of vitamin K. It’s very bitter and good for the liver. So I take the parsley and combine it with kale and add some lemon juice (to prevent kidney stones) and drink it that way. It’s a great overall tonic and really helps to detoxify the liver. This is a great super food that will probably be getting a lot of attention soon.

I actually combined ALL of these superfoods into one combination. It’s called Organic Cruciferous Food and you can check it out here.

I would love to hear your thoughts about this superfood blog today and any questions or concerns you have about how to use food to heal and promote health within.

Understand these super foods and see more Diet advice from Dr. Berg Video Blog.

Thank you,

Dr. Berg

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