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7 SURPRISING GMO Foods That You Must Avoid

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 05/10/2022

Did you know these foods are GMO? Check this out!

0:00 Introduction: A deeper look at GMO foods

0:25 What are bioengineered food ingredients?

4:08 Unexpected GMO foods

5:25 Check out this video on what "GMO" really means!

Let's talk about GMO foods and identify some foods you may not have realized are actually GMO.

Some food manufacturing companies are putting a new term on their labels, "bioengineered food ingredients."

The definition of bioengineered food ingredients:

"Food that contains detectable genetic material that has been modified through certain lab techniques that cannot be created through conventional breeding or found in nature."

Certain companies were concerned that their products would be labeled as GMO and that people would avoid them. So, they decided to develop a new term, "bioengineered food ingredients," and gave it branding to make it appear healthy.

"Bioengineered food ingredients" is essentially another name for GMO. But, this new term now allows companies to bypass the GMO labeling problem they were having.

On top of that, once a product has been highly processed, the traces of GMO become undetectable, and the company no longer has to add the label stating it contains bioengineered food ingredients.

They also don't necessarily have to use the term "bioengineered food ingredients." Instead, they can use a QR code or a number to text or call to get more information.

Unexpected GMO foods (unless labeled as organic):

1. Yellow squash

2. Beets

3. Papaya

4. Eggplant

5. Green zucchini

6. Certain apples

7. Salmon (unless labeled as "wild-caught")


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