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6 WARNING Signs of Ovarian Cancer: MUST WATCH

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 01/30/2022

It’s important to be aware of the early signs of ovarian cancer. Check this out.

0:00 Introduction: Ovarian cancer

0:25 Chemotherapy for ovarian cancer

4:40 Tests for ovarian cancer

5:00 Ovarian cancer prevention

7:10 Learn more about cancer

Today I’m going to cover the early signs of ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer is one of the most lethal types of cancer involving female reproductive organs—prevention and early detection is vital.

Early signs of ovarian cancer:

1. Persistent pelvic and abdominal pain and cramping

2. Severe bloating in the lower abdomen (after cycle too)

3. Frequent urination

4. Low back pain

5. Pain during sex

6. Change in menstrual cycle

You may be at a higher risk for ovarian cancer if you are estrogen dominant. But, iodine is a trace mineral that can help decrease the risk and even help potentially improve things with ovarian cancer if it’s caught early.

Iodine helps regulate excessive amounts of estrogen. The best source of iodine is sea kelp. Taking estrogen (birth control pills, hormone replacement therapy, soy products, or dairy) can increase estrogen dominance.

Cruciferous vegetables are also great to help regulate estrogen. Cruciferous vegetables even have anti-cancer properties. There is a compound you can take to help with estrogen dominance called DIM. DIM is a concentrated form of cruciferous.

In general, it’s very important to actively and aggressively try to prevent cancer through a healthy diet and avoiding those things that can trigger cancer.





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