4 Days of No Food Pulled Me Out of a Deep Dark Depression

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

While in a depressive state, Michael stopped eating for four days. He had no idea that this fast would save his life. Find out why.


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In this interview, we get to hear Michael’s incredible success story. See what he has to say…

“Last year, I was hospitalized by an ambulance when I mysteriously started going blind. An undiagnosed diabetic with a blood sugar of 700mg/dl (40mmol). The paramedics struggled to get a vein and I was going into a coma.

150kg (330lbs) obese, alcoholic, clinically depressed, sick, sore, rattling with meds, and suicidal. At New Year’s, I decided to simply give up and lay down and die. In not eating for four days, I strangely didn’t start to die but actually started feeling better, stronger, happier. I tripped across Dr. Berg’s fasting video, then the penny dropped. The standard Aussie Diet was killing me. I have been lied to and food manipulated my entire 56 years.

 I have now lost 50kg (110lbs), do not drink, have reversed diabetes, take no medications, fitter, healthier, productive, lively, positive, have a full-time job, and most importantly, I am HAPPY. Finding keto and Dr. Berg really has quire literally saved my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you Eric from the bottom of my now healthy heart.

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