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Hello Dr. Berg, my name is Osama. I come from Syria, I do live and work in Germany. I am 31 years old. I am a doctor and work as an anesthesiologist.

3 months ago, I have weighed 104 kilograms. I was lazy and always tired. I used to eat a lot of sugar, a lot of bread, and snacks. I was so tired in my job that I couldn't be concentrate after a period of time. I had a lot of sugar cravings. I used to sleep directly after work for 2 hours. Then I started to see patients with obesity who need Anesthesia. I saw how dangerous Anästhesia can be to them. They don't have Oxygen reserves. They often have diabetes and cardiovascular diseases ( heart infarction, hypertension ) and I thought I will end someday like that. So I decided to start trying to live healthier and lose weight.

I started to go to the gym. But I kept eating a lot. I have felt a little bit better for a while. But couldn't lose weight. I have lost only 3 kg in 3 months. So I have thought that sport alone is not enough, I should do something also with the diet. So I started looking for videos on YouTube for the best diet and I came across your Videos. I have heard before of intermittent fasting and keto diet but have not really tried it. The medical school has always said stay away from fat coz it's dangerous for your cholesterol levels (which is not true). I have watched your videos and decided to start the diet.

I used to eat always something in the morning like orange juice with bread. So the first day, I kept juices away and had breakfast 2 hours later. Every day I kept breakfast later and later till my breakfast time was at my lunchtime. At the same time, I reduced slowly the carbohydrates and sugar. After only 10 days I was sugar-free. I didn't have to crave sugar anymore. My weight has dropped dramatically. I had 100 times more energy at work. My mood is better. I'm not depressed anymore. I have dropped from 104 to 89 kgs and I feel great in my body.

Now I can work and live better. Thank you again. I have shared my story with you because of the comment on YouTube.

Osama Bagh

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5368 keto success stories so far. Add yours and inspire others!

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