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Thank you, Dr. Berg. My story in brief:

I am a 66 years old male. I have been on all sorts of joint pain medications for Gout and Acidity. I had my first kidney stone at 19. I was on Vioxx and all sorts of awful stuff. I can only thank the lucky stars that I survived for not falling into the Oxycontin trap which I was also given subscriptions for.

For the past 12 years, I was on a daily routine of Colchicine, Allopurinol (300), and Rosuvastatin. I never ever smoked, never even tried it and I was only a very moderate red wine drinker, like maybe every other weekend, with meals. Yet I received a stent in 2011. My blood pressure readings were still 140/94 even with treatment and complying with all recovery guidelines. My weight stayed at 85kg or 188lbs.

Every month, I suffered some from joint pain, knees, wrist (continuous for over 7 years) big toes, etc. Many doctors and hospital visits. Juice plans, vegetarian plans, and on and on but nothing changed. Tried fasting. Fasting had a tremendous flare-up in my knees to a point where I was on crutches. Life became a vicious cycle of work, stress, poor health, work stress, poor health ....

I was told this was all hereditary and that I would have to live with it. I was building my overland vehicle when I stumbled across your Youtube channel. Yes, Youtube can be a university. I was skeptical but intrigued enough to search out other channels similar to yours but then after a while subscribed to your channel. The best thing I did.

I started off with a simple 12x12 and no snacking plan. I realized the values within a week and then went full-on in for 7x17. I can't say thank you enough. Although weight loss was not my goal I have dropped to 73kg or 160lbs. My sleep has gone from less than 4 hours a night to 6 plus hours a night. My blood pressure is 120/78. I have not taken any medications in 99 days now. I have no joint pain. I walk 10 flights of stairs at least 2x a day now. I do moderate weights. My skin has a glow instead of the frosty flaky looks that would show up more often than not. I ditched my medical practitioner who's views were not supportive of intermittent fasting and wanted to put me on a different pain program. Most of all I really enjoy my leas now.

Your channel is filled with lots of brilliant tips on food and nutrition. SWS, Sugar Wheat Stress - the poison that robs you of having a quality life. Thank you for saving me from these three evils. Intermittent fasting has become a lifestyle for me now. 7x17 and sometimes I may not eat for longer because I am not hungry. Because I spend less money on food I am spending it better by buying better quality fresh, though not always organic, food. The only supplement I take is Vitamin D ( D3/K2.) I had lost hope for a pain-free life. I was totally disillusioned by social media and all the health hype that is so abundant out there. Your Youtube channel changed my life and gave me a dream road to my retirement with lots of physical activities. Paddleboarding, cycling and even hiking fairly steep mountain trails. Who would have think! Yours gratefully, Alwyn Kumst.

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5368 keto success stories so far. Add yours and inspire others!

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