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By: David Velazquez

Transformation Fridays! So Here Goes My 5 Month Assessment Of Intermittent Fasting...I LOVE IT! (If you didn’t know already). Please forgive my photos, especially the early ones ????, but I think it’s better to visually see the changes, aside from just hearing it. I have not reached my Final form yet.. SUPERMAN PRIME Status! Stay tuned! This may be extensive for some, but informative for others. **First numbers: Lost an estimated 21 Lbs of Fat/ Gained about 4-5 lbs of muscle. That’s an 10-11% BF LOSS In 4-5 Months! I’m currently hovering at 12-13% BF, but want to hit 10-11% BF! ????** So here we go, I went into this, because as many can relate, you get to a point in life and you realize somethings got to change now or you may never come back, and IF seem to be that one shot worth taking a look at. As you can see from the dismissal beginnings, I needed to get some work done! Thanks to my buddy for putting me on! I started 5 months ago, but in all reality this was over 4 months, because the FIRST month I did a bunch of Don’ts that knock you out of Ketosis. My SECOND month is where it got really interesting, weight started to really come off, and other physical changes started to occur. It wasn’t until my THIRD month that things went into high gear, and that is because I really learned how to maximize IF through the nutritional route. The MACROS Game! Mind you, up to this point in time, I haven’t done a lick of Abs. I knew they were there, just hidden. I knew I had to lose more fat to really start focusing on them, which I shortly did after. By the FOURTH month, I had it all figured out and ready to step it up and use all what I know..PROBLEM.. there was an uptick in my weekend activities aka THE FIESTAS. (Thank you Jacksonville, Orlando, Austin, and of course WPB for setting me back ????) FYI you can do amazing work on your workouts and nutrition all week, but it only takes one night to null and void all that hard work. TRUTH! By month FIVE I have now regained some of my composure to get back on track, and with Intermittent Fasting, I’ve noticed one interesting perk... I’ve Become Fat Adapted! Meaning that no matter what I’ve put into my body, my body is eating it up..and fast! ???? Fat has become my main fuel source, not carbs or glycogen! To end this “review ” I want reiterate how amazing IF has been. I’m not where I want to be physically yet, figure I have one more month with no distractions to get those infamous last two abs! ???? FYI these are just the Superficial Benéfits of IF. Haven’t even touched what it does for you on a whole! If you were on the fence or just curious, hope this helped give some sort of insight to it! #IFWarrior #Lifestyle #NotADiet #NoMoreCatfishing

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