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By: Dita

This is my story... January 17th 2000, I was in a car accident where I almost lost my life. My face went through the rear passenger window. My face was severely injured, which changed my facial appearance. I also injured my neck and back. I stayed in the hospital for 3 months and after had many facial reconstructive surgeries. I went into a severe depression, stopped working due to my injuries and my anxiety was at an all time high. I was prescribed so many meds, one or two for every ailment I was suffering from at that time. They turned me into a bed ridden zombie. I felt like life was over and I just stayed home, hiding from the world. I stayed in that state for over 13 years and gained so much weight. My heaviest was 387 pounds and I was always in pain. I could barely walk up the stairs and walking anywhere was a challenge. Then December of 2015 at age 44 I had enough. I wanted to be healthy, not only did I want to be healthy but I wanted to live, so I started my fitness journey and have been working on it since then. I’ve lost 164 pounds naturally through healthy eating and exercise. I also have hypothyroidism which is also a challenge. My journey hasn’t been perfect but it is my own and I still continue the fight. Fighting obesity and hypothyroidism one pound at a time! Thank you so much Dr. Berg for your videos. The information that you share is extremely helpful.

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