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By: David Fendrick

On New Year's Eve of this I woke up with my left leg twice as large as my right, horrible pain and an inability to move. A visit to the ER told me I had a large blood clot (DVT) and I was immediately put on blood thinners. I saw a snippet of a program on TV where "eating windows" were discussed. After some research, I discovered IF and embarked on a disciplined eating program and lots of walking (40-60 miles/week). I set a goal to lose 40 pounds in 20 weeks but hit my goal weight after 12 weeks. Unlike other "diets" I've been on that only had me yo-yo'ing the same 20 pounds off and back on, this eating "program" is something I know I can sustain for life. I watched many videos by Dr. Berg and Dr. Fung and read devoured Fung's book. I'm 69 and feel I have a new lease on life! THANK YOU

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