The Power of Burning Fat Instead of Sugar As Fuel and It Changed My Life

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By: James V

In 2013 I weighed in at over 500 lbs (565 to be exact)! I wanted to lose weight, but all of my friends were either overweight subconsciously and couldn't tell me how they got overweight, or in shape from good genetics and still couldn't tell me how to lose weight! It was at that point I realized "I need more friends!". So I expanded my social circle, meeting food scientists working for "the world's largest hamburger manufacturer" who were working on further degrading the quality of our foods. In 2013 I traveled to Monterrey, Nuevo León in Mexico, and met Manuel Uribe an incredibly inspirational man who had lost 510 lbs! He was incredible, he taught me the true value behind the Japanese proverb, Chiri mo tsumoreba, Yama to naru (even dust when piled daily, will become a mountain). It was from that meeting that I would decide to exercise, at least a little bit every day, for the rest of my life! I took part in clinical trials, tests and experimental treatment in, New York, Denver, Tokyo, Brisbane and Bali learning more and more as I go. I did coffee enema retreats in Bali, underwent metabolic type testing trials in Tokyo, Heart research in Brisbane, yoga retreats, juice only retreats, meditations retreats, no eating retreats, no talking retreats and finally intermittent fasting retreats. It was there, in Bali I discovered keto and the power of burning fat instead of sugar as fuel and it changed my life! While in Bali I had accidentally stumbled upon greatest secret to health and more importantly I had become consciously unaware that there was a method to leaving obesity in my past! I was eating coconuts, Mangosteens, nuts, seeds and I was cooking with coconut oil, between the hours of 1 pm and 6:00 pm only and the weight was literally dripping off me! I had never felt more alive in my life, I started running, me, running? I ran track one time high school had and asthma attack and had to be pulled out of phys ed for the rest of the year, for fear I might die in school lol.

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