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By: Ethel Burnett

The “before” is from last May on vacation. I had actually been on a journey to get healthier for many years and that was 30 pounds less than my highest weight of nearly 270. I tried so many approaches. Low fat, gluten free, paleo. Had some success and some ups and downs. I tried training really hard and even became a Zumba instructor. Not the easiest on an over 50 body. I thought it was because I was getting older, almost 60 now and, you know the whole slower metabolism/menopause thing. I never wanted tO give up or stop trying, though. Then I came across Dr. Berg and his body type teachings last May after my vacation, did a lot of research and jumped in since it sounded like my preferred way of eating. So I went from losing 30 pounds during the course of over 10 years to losing 45 lbs over 6- 7 months. When it clicks, it clicks and it did! It’s all about sharing and helping others now. Looking to become a coach through Dr. Berg. Love you, Dr. Berg! Your videos and information are invaluable! I enter my 60’s a better me!

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