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By: Frank E.

June 1, 2017, I was diagnosed with diabetes A1c 9.1... I weighed 346 pounds. I was unhappy, unhealthy and had blemishes on my face that weren't healing. I suffered from sleep apnea and I couldn't bend over to tie my shoes or cut my toenails. I tried walking through Walmart and would cramp if I was on my feet for more than a few minutes. I resurched diets and settled into a Ketogenic high fat moderate protein low carb diet starting on July 16... It's been a little over 10 months but I just had annual doctor's appointment and can convey my progress... SW 346 CW 209 Loss 137 GW 188 Was = June 1 2017. Now = May 24 2018 Waist before was 50" now 36" Shirts 4xxxx now XL Lipids screen A1c was 9.1 now 4.6 Total cholesterol was 181 now 188 LDL was 111 now 107 HDL was 29 now 52 Triglycerides were 207 now 143 Glucose was 182 now 97 Blood pressure stays within normal parameters. Excercise I was living a sedentary lifestyle. Zero exercise of any kind. Now I'm enjoying a regular workout regime of cardio 4 to 6 times a week. Straight training 3 to 4 times a week that includes a machine and dumbbell work. I began cardio in December when I reached 100 pounds off. In December my fitness tracker recorded that I walked 35 miles, in January 91, February 96, March because of an injury only 45 and April 118. Straight training began mid-March and already I'm seeing distinct and noticeable changes. I've increased on some exercises 6x my initial weight. Quality of life is off the scale better. I sleep better and look forward to turning in my CPAP machine next doctor's visit. Libido's returned with a vengeance. I'm ADHD and bipolar and have noticed improved symptom control. My goals have changed from weight loss to weight loss and body sculpting as I get leaner and achieve more definition. I've experienced a complete reboot of my life. I've been given a Mulligan or a do-over now to exploit and that's just what I plan on doing... Frank Evans Columbia SC USA

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