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By: Kathleen Wischmeier

My journey began in March of 2018 when my daughter asked me to try a program that she found success with, Intermittent Fasting (IF). She sent me a link with Dr. Berg's information and my life has never been the same. For nearly a decade prior to this, both of my children shared their concerns regarding my poor health and lifestyle. Despite knowing what it takes to be healthy, I ignored their comments and continued in a downward spiral. When I began IF March of 2018, I weighed 235 pounds, wore size 24 pants, was stagnant with respect to physical activity, I looked unhealthy, and I felt horrible. I started my IF program with an eighteen hour fast and six hour eating window. I broke my fast each day with seven to ten cups of vegetables and ate a balanced dinner with some sort of protein and limited carbohydrates. I began walking daily and after a month I started running three to four times a week. I drank water with apple cider vinegar to start my day, black coffee and water throughout the day. After the first week, I felt amazing and was not hungry at all. I eventually began running or cycling daily and pushed my window to a 20 hour fast and four hour eating window. During the first six months I lost 60 pounds, the inches were melting away, and I was feeling amazing. During this time I became a Dr. Berg guru and learned all that I could to maximize my results. I made certain to exercise before I broke my fast and I have made this part of my lifestyle. Over the next six months I followed this pattern and continued to lose inches, but very little weight. I was focused on my "window" and at times struggled to make healthier meal choices. I consumed average carbohydrates, but my sugar intake was off the charts at times. I have been an emotional eater for my entire life, with desserts being my weakness. My alcohol intake was moderate, but my drink of choice was craft beer. I was in a rut of losing inches, but not weight. I was content with this due to still seeing results and incredible comments from friends and family with respect to my transformation thus far. During the initial 16 months of my IF lifestyle I lost 75 pounds, but I still had 25 pounds to go in order to reach my final weight goal. In July of 2019, I decided to push hard for the next two months leading up to the 18-month mark of my IF journey. I knew that I wanted to share my story with Dr. Berg, and I made a hard push to maximize my results. I quit drinking alcohol and eating desserts and I significantly reduced my carbohydrate intake. In August of 2019, I incorporated four days of weight training per week in addition to my cardio program. I was feeling amazing and the results were incredible. As I closed in on my 18 month IF journey I celebrated my 48th birthday. I had lost 87 pounds total and my pant size went from a 24 to a 10. Most of all I feel absolutely amazing and I am very grateful for Dr. Berg and his IF program. I continue to share his information with anyone who inquires.

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