I would like to share my fitness journey with you.

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By: Muhammad Anas Ahmed

Dear Dr. Eric Berg, I would like to share my fitness journey with you. I have been doing workout on and off for about a decade. I first time lost weight at the age of 22 just by exercising in fasted state in Ramadan. However, later years this formula wouldn't work as I was not aware of carb and fat intake. All I did was trying to eat healthy and less which included more fruits so I wasn't getting better results despite 15 to 16 hours of Ramadan fasting. I would do a lot of compound movement high intensity workout still I was not able to know what was happening to my body. Later, when I learned about keto and intermittent fasting with the science behind them, I realized my mistakes that were frequency of eating plus eating too many carbs. Then I did this high fat and low carb diet and added fasting to it with the passage of time and here I am losing 12 KG in 3 months from 75 KG to 63 KG. Thank you Dr Eric Berg for changing my mind about fitness.

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