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Lose excess body fat and gain dense lean muscle simultaneously.

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By: Peter S.

Lose excess body fat and gain dense lean muscle simultaneously. I have often experimented with diet and exercise but never found the results I wanted. I usually ended up looking larger than I should have, judging by how strong I was, and I felt waterlogged and swollen overall. my weight fluctuated between 170 and 190 depending on how much I exercised. and I could never get rid of that outer layer of fat that persisted. I then decided to try Keto and IF (also following Dr. Berg's recommendation of doing deadlifts more frequently), immediately it forced me to very closely examine my eating habits. My water weight and bloating disappeared in the first week. as the weeks went on I noticed that I seemed to be losing weight, even though I could still lift as I did when I weighed 190. I now have great energy, I am visibly losing fat before my eyes and gaining extremely dense muscle. I am strong, alert, and not bloated or swollen. I have been about 160 lb since the first week on Keto and IF, and in the last 3 weeks I have noticed that I am gaining about a pound of lean mass per week (currently 164-165) while increasing the amount of weight I can lift (1RM)! at this rate my functional strength will surpass that of when i weighted 190!

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