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By: Justin Kramer

In July of 2016 I weighed 405 pounds. I ended up injuring myself at work and was told that I needed back surgery. Unfortunately the spinal surgeon said that due to my size surgery wasn't worth the risk at that point. He suggested I look into weight loss surgery instead. So I did. Signed up and went to all the meetings, talked to a hundred people, made dozens of appointments and the closer I got to qualifying for surgery, the more scared I became. I met someone on a car related Facebook page, "Sloppy Mechanics". He lived in Florida, and I live in PA. We got to talking one day and he mentioned Keto. Obviously I was super skeptical. After about a month of research and persuasion, I started a strict Keto diet. What did I have to lose at this point. I pushed all my remaining chips to the center of the table. I lost my first 100 pounds by Christmas that same year. I lost my second 100 pounds in the 10 months after. No exercise, only the diet change. Went from a 54 pants to a 36 and a 6xl shirt to an xl or large. If it wasn't for that car Facebook page, I may not be here today. I did this for my 3 year old daughter and my wife. It's my job as a husband and dad to be here for the ones that I love. I broke the addiction of sugar and will never look back. In 16 months, Iv'e lost 205 pounds without any surgery. While my back never got any better, my overall health has. I'm off my blood pressure medication, my acid re-flux medication and my anxiety meds. Thank you for given me the opportunity to share my story. My life is now about "paying it forward" and helping those who were in my shoes. I would love to talk more if you wanted. This change saved my life, PERIOD. Have a great day! -Justin

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