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By: Jeffery Jenkins

In early July 2018 I had my 3rd kidney in the last 8 years.. The pain was so intense that I told myself that day I had to stop drinking sodas. I was consuming 3 to 5 sodas a day on average. I weighed approximately 230 pounds, not in good health. Taking metformin for pre-diabetes, blood pressure medication, tricor, fenofibrate, etc. Felt miserable. Very bad diet as well. Fast food multiple days a week. I sought information that night about how to home remedy kidney stones. I had heard that lemon water could help. My search led to your YouTube channel regarding lemon water. Started that night drinking 2 tablespoons of organic lemon juice and water nightly. Stopped drinking sodas and drinking much more water. A couple of weeks went by and I felt better, I lost approximately 5 to 8 pounds. With this momentum I viewed additional videos on your channel about carbohydrates, sugar, Fat Storing Hormone resistance and the ketogenic diet. I decided to give it a try. My body responded immediately. I started the diet in early August, my initial goal was to get back to 200 pounds. I flew right through that. My new goal was 170 by my 53rd birthday. I succeeded to hit that mark. I was concerned about the holidays, I was sure I would gain back some weight. To my surprise I weighed 155 pounds in early February. I haved maintained between 151 and 153 to this date. Under doctor supervision I no longer take metformin, tricor, lisinopril I only take 25 mg of antenolol for mitral regurgitation. My A1c was 9.4 in December 2017, it is 5.5 now. I have not taken metformin since September 2018. My doctor has declared me no longer a diabetic.

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