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By: Felix Serrano

Hello Dr. Berg, I started working on what I call my new life style almost 5 months ago. So far the results have been amazing not only in my body but also mind. I have been doing my own kind of keto but following your advise and watching your videos and presentation. Thank you for the education. Anyway, On December 27th 2018, I challenged myself to lose weight. I really wanted more than that. I wanted to lose weight and tone up. Kind of difficult for a 5.5 guy with 200 lbs. I decided not to eat carbs again. At least the bad ones. Then I heard about the “Keto diet” and started to learn more about it and followed it of course. The results, I lost 48 lbs. I joined the Gym and started working out 5-6 times a week. One hour of cardio and one hour of weights. I do wanted to ask you one question as I would like to achieve hypertrophy in the near future. Is it possible to grow muscle without eating carbs? I mean by sticking to Keto? My goal is to get shredded as much as possible and try to add lean body mass. Check out my Instagram page for more pictures and videos. Instagram: felo_body_under_construction I also want to serve as an inspiration for others to be able to achieve their dreams. It’s all about perseverance but It is possible to enjoy the journey and win. Regards, Felo

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