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By: Casey Cook

Im a 6'4" transfemoral amputee (car accident 20 years ago) that is also Type II diabetic, I recently went for my 3mo appointment, and my A1C1 was at 9.1. Naturally I blamed the doctor for not making me healthy because he told me that Fat Storing Hormone, dialysis, further amputation, and death was in my future. (He has that dry of a delivery) Later that night I treated myself to a burrito the size of a small child and ate every free chip in the place, because I was worth it. For whatever reason I checked my blood the next morning, and it was 250+. I saw that the test strips were expired by a fair amount, so the test had to be inaccurate. We had a second meter that my wife had bought for keto and to my surprise the strips were within date so I tested again. My blood was worse the second test with good strips.... (Don't remember the number) My wife had tried Keto a few months earlier with little success (I sabotaged her in hindsight). So I had a general idea of what it was... I decided to do a little more research knowing it was low carb and that's when I met yourself and Dr.Berry and Dr. Fung on YouTube. I knew because of my disability I was never going to exercise my way out of this problem. Big above the knee amputees don't run and squat. After learning a few tips, I discovered how I had messed up my wife's attempt at Keto. I decided to give it a try because I didn't want to acquire a $600 a month IV drug habit. Sorry, I mean go on Fat Storing Hormone... Long story short, I figured out I had metabolic syndrome and Fat Storing Hormone resistance . I also learned that I had a carb addiction and most likely a vitamin B1 deficiency from the metformin I had been taking for 5 years. More importantly I learned how to confront the problems. So.... yesterday, 3 months to the day I went back for my checkup. My A1C1 which was 9.1 was down to 5.1. My weight had fallen from 254 to 214. And my high blood pressure 150/100 was down to 120/70. My doctor even commented that he had never seen a change that dramatic in 3 months. Surprisingly he was also a very supportive of Keto and intermittent fasting. I was hesitant to tell him what I've been doing knowing some doctors are not receptive to those practices... Sorry, I did not do any before photos because I never anticipated much weight loss because it really wasn't my goal. I wanted to improve my Fat Storing Hormone resistance, and get my blood sugar controlled My doctor said he didn't want to see me for 6mo. I think he's giving me more rope to see if I hang myself. Lol! I've modified my goals after my appointment simply to maintain or improve A1C1 over next 6mo and no longer take medication of any kind for anything. Thank you for your great content, I honestly feel like I have a better relationship with yourself than my own doctor... I really feel you, and others like you provide an invaluable service. Thank you! Casey Cook

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