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By: Waleed alshurafa

I will be telling my father's story. My father had so many heart attacks, as far as I remember atleast 4. The most recent heart attack was in 2018. I live in America and he is living currently in Jordan. It was very scary and depressing knowing that my father is having another heart attack, especially that he was regular in the gmy and he wasn't fat! He looked healthy . The worse part is that when they took him by the ambulance, the doctors said he should have an open heart surgery as soon as possible to replace all the clogged arteries. We all thought we will lose him. the surgery was successful thank god, however he had to consume sooo many meds, cholesterol, blood pressure, blood thinners,...etc. he was so tired, depressed and never happy. My father was devastated! Until he watched one of your videos. My father now is very healthy person. All his tests results are absolutely great. He is taking ZERO meds. He is now going out and showing people how to live happier and healthier. He inspired me and now I'm in keto. I lost 16 lbs in the first month and a half. I feel great . Thank you doctor berg You are a blessing Rozan

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