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By: Beth Wolfe

I've shared my success story in the comments section before, but I'll make it official here. Though I have no keto before and after pics because of great change in body shape or weight, I still have benefited greatly from Dr. Berg's teachings. I am a 52 year old female. Active, but losing health rapidly. Working as a massage therapist, I knew I had to find nutritional answers before going on meds. For the last several years my blood tests were showing thyroid going hypo, and just recently blood sugars going into Fat Storing Hormone resistance. That's enough to concern anyone, but I also knew that my adrenals were fatigued because of all of the emotional stress, depression, grief, I've experienced over many years. And then you throw menopause into the mix, and it's a recipe for disaster. I noticed I was fatigued, depressed, not coping with basic life at all, and gaining weight without being able to lose it. My belly was protruding, I was getting bumpy fat over my arms, which I never had before. My thighs were getting skinny, and my skin was looking old. About 7-8 months ago I found Dr. Berg and watched his videos voraciously. I knew from my basic education in Anatomy-Physiology class that he was on point. The endocrine system can be difficult to understand, but being a natural teacher, Dr. Berg offers bite size and specific chunks of knowledge so I could figure out what i should do to help myself. Knowing I was a combination of at least three of the body types, I dove in with the adrenal kit, sea kelp for thyroid, and cruciferous food for Estrogen balance. I figured after I finished adrenal kit I'd move to overy support formula. As time has gone by, I've added what I felt I needed and left off some. I won't go into all the supplements here, but I will say sea kelp will always be in my rotation. The most important aspect, I believe is the food intake, AKA, the true medicine. Now I'm only organic-grass fed- very low sugars- not 100% keto, but drastic change in diet. I take supplement with a kale shake every morning. Get that first cup of salad in to start the day off right. ( ok I'll tell more, now Dr. Bergs Wheat grass juice powder and electrolite go in that as well) I eat salads with all kinds of veggies quite a lot now. My freezer is lonly cause no more boxes of food like Stouffers Lasagna kinda crap. No more colas, but I found fizzy no sugar drinks instead. I made all his sweets recipies so I wouldn't feel deprived. The seed treat is my favorite and easiest to make. And colliflour pizza crust stays in rotation. And if I have to have a sandwich, I use Eziekiel bread or make something with almond Flour. These a solution for all one's cravings. Just gotta reprogram your mind to look at food as either medicine or poison. We get to choose. Though the first month I did stumbl, back slide, I kept going. Don't beat yourself up, just start fresh each new day. Over time I noticed I could go very long between meals and no cravings. My organs were healing, and I could feel it. More energy, happier, belly went down. Didn't lose weight right away because my body had to heal before it could function properly. I started at 140 lbs, and over the last two months have I finally dropped down to 130 without any effort, no exercise cause of injured knee, but lost weight anyway cause my pancreas, liver, galbladder and thyroid could do their jobs optimally.. I feel like I'm 30 years old again, ( other than rehabbing post surgical miniscus tear in knee). My ortho surgeon is kind of astounded by my rapid healing, and I know it's because of my high level of health. I'm now back in the gym for post op weight training and my strength and endurance are off the chain, where as before working out felt like drudgery. My adrenals didn't need that stress back then, but now they can cope with much more cause they have healed sufficiently. . Once this knee is well, I'll finally look forward to exercising and I'll bet I get to 120-25 in no time. I'm 5'4 btw. In conclusion, I just want to thank Dr. Berg for following his life mission. So many of us are looking for these answers, not what the medical community tells us. I share his videos with many of my clients and they're being helped as well. I may not have stunning before and after pictures, but the improvement in my health and quality-of-life is stunning for me. The key is to keep watching videos so it sinks in. You kinda have to brainwash yourself to wash out the old teachings and give your brain new and correct info. . Consider it the new hobby for yoursel like I did, watching as many videos as you can to keep you on track. I just kept reminding myself I don't want to be a pear-shaped older lady taking Synthroid and getting my gallbladder removed, like most of my older female clients . And I knew only I could do this for myself so it is a personal journey for both your physical and your spiritual self. I have more self love along with physical health. That's pretty amazing as well. The emotional stressors that made me weak before, have come around Again in my life, and so I cried a little, I was able to pull myself up and cope with this emotional stress in a much more self loving fashion. I am mentally sharper than I've been in so many years, and much more level. So you could say all for aspects of being a human have healed for me, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Wow – – – I didn't recognize this until writing this long epistle. Thanks for reading if you've hung in there this long. LOL PS- since I don't have before and after pics,, I just threw in silly me, for second photo! I love how happiness feels. .

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