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By: Ryan

I tried many products for weight loss, i thought there will be a wonder pill or drug to make me loose weight. But when i watched the youtube VLOGS of Dr. Berg i found out the reason im not loosing any weight because i lacked knowledge how fats are created by our hormone. And how we can address those issues. I found the VLOG of Dr. Berg very informative and help me to loose 21 pounds in a month. By following the strategy he give in his vlogs and understand how to tackle and burn your fats and how to avoid creating fats in your body (Fat Storing Hormone, cortisol and estrogen). Now im fully adapted to healthy keto with combination of intermittent fasting. I was so happy on my results and im still practicing what i have learned in Dr. Berg youtube vlogs. The knowledge he share through his vlogs, that knowledge i learned from him is the one i used to loose weight. This picture here is exactly 1 month after i started following and practicing what i learned on his youtube vlogs.

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