I’m determined to stay Keto and keep regaining my health to not go through health issues

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By: Angela K.

Keto transformation. There is about a 100 lb difference between these two photos. I finally found a picture of me at my heaviest at 297 lbs. I was so sick and miserable at my heaviest. This picture was taken at my family reunion, it was so hot and I was having problems breathing. I literally had tight chest pains and couldn’t breathe or talk several times. When I got back home I scheduled an appointment with my doctor and she immediately put me on inhalers for asthma and upped my BP Meds. Thankfully I found the Keto Lifestyle way of eating. I no longer have high blood pressure, I take no meds and no inhalers for asthma. My goal is to continue to lose fat on Keto and continue my fitness routine to tone my body. If I need a tummy tuck to get rid of my loose saggy skin, I plan to do so. IG: @healthyketochick Update: For those that have asked how long did it take me... I switched from Paleo to Keto in April of 2016. That’s when all the magic happened. I lost about 25lbs on Paleo and it was a struggle. Switched to Keto, bumped up my fat and I lost a little over 70lbs in 7 months doing Lazy Keto. In all of 2017 I gained and lost the same 20lbs due to stress and the rapid decline and quick death of my father. Basically 2017 I half assed Keto, to be honest. I’m back on track. So it has taken me two years. I’m sure if things would have been different without the emotional stress I could have hit the 100lb loss closer to a year, but life happens and was meant to be that way for some reason. We learn through and grow through the challenges. I’m determined to stay Keto and keep regaining my health to not go through health issues, diabetes and cancer that took my father, mother and brother’s lives too soon in life. #ketotransformation #ketoweightloss #ketolifestyle #keto#myjourneytobetterhealth #fatlosstransformation #ketowoe #bodybyketo#ketolife #keepitketo #realfoodheals #realfoodismedicine #fatisfuel

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