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I Lost 53 Pounds

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By: João Pedro Freitas

I am 55 years old and my height is 6 ft 3inch. In April 2016 (first picture) my weight was 271 pounds, I was predeabetic and I had a lot allergies. My goal then was to figure out how to eat healthier. The first of your videos I saw was about apple cider vinegar in June and i started then to follow a LCHF High Vegetable diet. My actual weight is 218 pounds and my allergies are gone. I also feel much better now. My goal is to be about 185 pounds. I want to be there in the fall. It's not yet a complete success. I didn´t lose all the weight because I still have 3 meals. I don't think it's a race and I still am losing weight, Not that much as when I start but i didn't plateau yet. If it happens I will reduce to 2 meals. I will try it next summer vacations. My family thinks I am getting anorexic and that I should stop losing weight. The truth is that I don't to go back. I changed my diet for ever. Thanks for your help.

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