SHEKHAR CHAVAN Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto



I had started exercises like jogging and brisk walking as my TMT was positive. My age- 56, height- 5.11", weight- 88 KGs. Within one week of my exercises, I found Dr. Berg's videos on You Tube. I have started two meal plan and I am keeping food intake window open for 10 hours which I am taking down to 8 hours as suggested by Dr. Berg. Within one week I have lost two KG weight and most important thing is my craving for snacks is 90% reduced. My sleep is good and and there is noticeable progress in my work out. Incidentally, I am pre diabetic and with high blood pressure. Therefore, loosing weight is must must for me. Within one month I will give my both the photographs with noticeable difference due to intermittent fasting. Thanks Dr. Berg.

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