I currently weigh 188 and feel terrific.

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By: Robert Farrell

I had no idea that I was obese, it came on over the last couple of years. I was weighing in at 237, 5'10" until I saw myself in the before picture. In fact, when this picture was taken I thought I looked good. And then with the isolation with Covid, I put on a few more pounds and notice that my clothes were a bit too snug. I accidentally came across this picture again and realized at that moment that I looked and felt terrible. Bloated, and still grazing on carbs and eating around the clock. I found Dr. Berg's postings enlightening and informative. I started Intermittent Fasting in Mid January: 8:16, 3 meals for a few weeks, and then continue to watch the postings Adding Keto around March, and tightened it up IL 4:20, 2 meals until recently I started OMAD with 2 meals in 4 hours. I currently weigh 188 and feel terrific. Let me just say I am 65 years old. I feel healthy and invigorated. I have about 10-15 pounds to go, I do aerobic 45 min every morning. thanks, Dr. Berg.

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