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By: Craig M

About a year ago I noticed a friend of mine had suddenly dropped some weight. He was quite active and seemed to eat fairly "healthy" but had quite a rounded stomach. That all went away which made me curious about what he was doing. I was surprised to hear that he didn't change a thing with exercise but that it was the keto diet. I went to a computer and started looking into it and found plenty of positive and negative things about it. I was raised on a farm and always had a problem with the low-fat initiative, so with that mindset, I found myself very accepting of the idea of the principles behind ketosis. I started right away by cutting out mountain dew and kept it simple by only tracking my carbs rather than calories. I kept a daily budget of 30 grams, which was easy to track. This was much easier to track the total calories that I was tracking before (with no results). With tracking carbs, I was able to understand what foods impacted my daily carb budget without much research. I heard about the keto flu and soon experienced it along with the anxiety of wanting something sweet, it seemed to me that it was sugar addiction, so I knew that it would pass. In a few days, it sure enough did. I soon noticed that I had more energy than ever before. and even felt better. Unfortunately, I fell off the wagon as I was trying to sell my house and move for about a month but it reminded me of the contrast of how good I felt on keto. I recommitted in September 2017 and have stuck to it since. The second start on keto I became almost obsessed with learning more and that is when I started listening to you among many others and have really taken the time to fine-tune my diet and gain as much knowledge as possible. I feel that I have taken control of my body rather than controlled by it. I feel free from the grasps of addiction of not just carbs but mental addictions. I have a Stats: before weight was 23% body fat at 168lbs now at 12% body fat at 148lbs for a 20 lbs fat loss with some lean muscle gain. I changed nothing with my exercise program. Pre diabetic or close to it. Haven't gotten new blood work but assuming that my Fat Storing Hormone sensitivity is restored. I was feeling a lot of chest flutters is the best way to describe it but have since gone away. Migraines have gone away but still, get the sense that one is coming on but never make it to a migraine. Since starting keto myself, I have started coaching around twelve other people who became interested because of my results. Future plans: I really hope to build a following and start helping more people than just twelve get their lives back. I am also changing my workouts some to show that gaining muscle is possible on keto and IF along with many other health benefits to a healthy formulation of the Keto and IF.

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