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By: Hemali T

Hi Dr. Berg, I started following the principles of intermittent fasting, inspired after reading Brad Pilon's Eat Stop Eat and watching your videos. Your videos inspired me to no end! When in the video you saw, "20:4 do you know what it will do to your waist line?" I decided to do 20:4 fasts every day, and add two 24 hour fasts each week. I started serious intermittent fasting on May 21st. Since then I have lost 6.5 kgs. May 1st to May 10th, I did 24 hour fasts every alternate day, I lost some weight then too, At my max weight I was 78 kg, now I am 66 kg. I did the whole transformation in 1,5 of serious dedicated continuous fasting and another 15 days of on/off fasting (the brad pilon method where you do two fasts a week). But fasting everyday is what truly works for weight loss. I also learnt about the ketogenic diet from your videos. So I combine intermittent fasting and ketogenic. I have had weight issues ever since I got my periods, was extremely skinny earlier, but got slightly fat. Then I got into bad eating and ballooned up. I lost 18 kgs in 2004 and worked very hard to maintain it for 4 years. Then bad eating and lack of exercise happened and I gained it all back. It was always a struggle. I was very fat again - after some years I started excising like crazy, and training for marathons, I have run 3 full marathons and I lost all the weight again. But every time I lost weight even if I missed exercise for even 10 days I would regain 5 or 6 kilos which was depressing. I had my doubts that I had some kind of diabetes condition or PCOS, but no doctor paid heed to me. Then in India I got a TVS done and sure enough I had multiple cysts on my ovaries. I got depressed thinking there is no stopping me from gaining weight because of PCOS and I stopped excising completely, eating what I wanted, until I got to my fattest size in my life. At 78 kilos I hated how I looked, didn't like shopping for clothes, was having irregular cycles, bloating, - until I discovered intermittent fasting and your videos. I have done amazing weight loss twice before, but I never have seen such amazing and fast results! Intermittent fasting has reduced my tummy fat more than any other methods, and I think I can maintain this lifestyle more easily and it is more effective anyway!! I plan to continue intermittent fasting and ketogenic diet till I lose every extra bit of fat in me, I think by October I will have my dream body. Thank you so much for your videos, I gained so much knowledge, hope and encouragement from them! PS. I do miss the liberty to eat fruit, and I miss breads. Not because I crave them now, but I remember the lovely texture and taste of bread. But I love looking good more than any of that! :)

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