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I am generally a very active person. I have consistently ridden my bike over 4000 miles per year and hit a high of 4500 miles last year. I do hundreds of pushups a day and do lots of pull ups as well, i also run quite a bit. I tracked my calories and worked to stay under 1700 per day depose the fact I would frequently burn up to 1000 calories per bike ride. Yet despite all of this I could never stay below 200 lbs and would frequently hover around 205-210. It was a source of constant frustration and now that I had 3 boys under 3 years of age my ability to exercise has decreased. I stumbled upon Dr. Bergs YouTube page and began to do a deep dive. I rigorously began both intermittent fasting and keto (going with the 18:6 method) at first I felt a dip in my performance and power but after i lasted through the first 2 weeks or so it leveled out. However the thing that shocked me was how the weight began to FALL off. I am still very active but in the course of 2 months I have dropped over 30 lbs AND had my waist go from a 36 to a 29. I know these are accelerated (and not necessarily health) amounts of weight to drop but i learned that you cannot outwork a bad diet. I am 100% sold on what I learned and am unbelievably grateful I was able to attain this information in such great detail and for free. It’s truly been a monumental mindset shift

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