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By: Linda Laurenzi Lorenz

Hi Dr. Berg, I thought I would share my story with you to prove how accurate you are regarding patterns of eating. I started my Ketogenic diet back in April of this year due to medical issues, not to lose weight. I am a 57 year old female and was at 138 lbs/26 BMI to start and am in pretty good physical condition in comparison to most my age. I am legally disabled from a connective tissue disorder with neuropathic pain, however, I force myself to exercise my muscles as it hurts more to not exercise. it took 2 weeks to get into Ketosis. I had the Keto flu for about a week. I have inflammatory issues so have to watch the sodium intake. I have done intermittent fasting most of my life so to jump to a 20 hour window without eating was quite easy for me. I lost 26 lbs by July 1st without even trying. My problem is reverse. I am so active that I find it hard to eat sometimes and was losing weight too fast. Consequently, I had to carb up a bit to put the brakes on my fat loss. My biggest cravings are fruit and chocolate. Ugh!!! I do make a fat based chocolate mousse using all Keto based ingredients that I snack on periodically for the chocolate craving. I have managed to put about 5 lbs back on purposely and am slowly getting back to my intermittent fasting schedule as I am physically at my best when fasting. I normally eat one to two meals 4 hours apart with a 20 hour fast in between. I feel my best when I take 4 tablespoons of MCT Oil daily, specific supplements and usually one dense nutritious meal per day making my fast time actually 24 hours with water and MCT Oil only. Just thought I would share. as I viewed your videos and wanted to thank you for such accurate information. I don't have any full body photos but hopefully you can see the fat loss in my face photos. I went from a size 6-7 to a size 1-3 while staying on a true Keto Diet with no cheating. (Don't believe in a cheat day either/too much damage and counter-productive) Thanks, Linda

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