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By: Jim Gillam

Hello Dr Berg, Thanks so much for the wealth of info you have provided! I started on a Keto diet/lifestyle Sept 2017 and dropped 35 lbs in just a few weeks! ( Presumably mostly inflammation water weight ) At age 63 I suffered from some achy hip and hand joint issues and when I was still consuming sugars and grains I had life threatening lung inflammation/asthma issues. I am 5' 9" tall and now weigh 165, no longer need a rescue inhaler, My arthritis issues are minimized, I am so much more agile and athletic and I feel amazing. After some trial and error, I have fallen in love with the Keto lifestyle! Lastly, I enjoy using your electrolyte powder with Braggs and pure lemon or lime juice daily to supplement my potassium! Again, thanks for the plethora of advice and guidance! All the best, Jim Gillam (301)237-2060

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