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Bailey LoweShares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto


By: Bailey Lowe

Before Dr. Berg, 20 years old- Cystic Acne, Skinny fat with a stubborn belly, mentally ill, trouble sleeping, brain fog, couldn't focus, nothing was fun, clothes were awkward to fit in. 21 years old, after Dr. Berg- I no longer take any medications. I workout once a week(HIIT) and I have the body I wanted. Skin is clear especially on my back. I sleep 7 hours no interruptions, focus is like a cat. Dr. Berg changed my life, I am forever thankful for his knowledge in nutrition. I am happier, healthier, and brighter than ever before. I also shared his amazing videos and knowledge with my mom who has now lost 60 pounds and has one meal a day! Thank you Dr. Berg for giving us free education that should be taught everywhere in schools. If there are any Gods, I wish for them to bless Dr. Berg and his lovely wife for being genuine and wanting to help others.

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