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By: Helen

All my adult life had problems with colesterol and elevated thyroid. Found dr. Berg, watching the videos, started to change my diet a year ago. I wanted to loose about 15- 20 lb. I couldn’t , started in June IF. I was moving across Country and became very active. From June till October last 40lb. my colesterol went up but my triglycerides started to go down , my thyroid is normal-and last 6” around my waist. I am gluten-free, eat my salad in the morning ( 11 am) and super in between 5pm - 7pm. . I am 75 yeas old and do not need to loose any more , I am now 110lb.. never been that since I was a chilled. I don’t eat sugar , sometimes I do eat few ( 5-6) grapes or a half of grapefruit. I do take supplements since I was 30 years old. I am open to advice from dr Berg if is possible.

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