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Julio vidal Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto


By: Julio vidal

Aloha Dr,berg. My name is julio vidal 63, i been fallowing youre videos for awile. I like youre advise & instruccion. My health doctor intrudusme me to the keto diet. I was strogle with my weight (275) blood sugars (200) blood pressure (145-95) even hire, sugar cravings,(sodas,ice cream,white rice, you name it. 3 month ago i take my health siriously with no insurance to support me i took my health in to my own hand now my weight is (200) sugar level fluctuate same with blood presure but better. My belly has been reduced & craving gone, i stick to my diet some times 2meals. I am a jehovah witness and yesterday we have a convention in Hilo,Hi, a storm kept us inside the stadium,i could'nt get to my lunch, from 8am to 6pm and i did'nt felt hungry, firs time i fast for so long, energy was exellent, other thing i notice when i was consuming mtc oil and other fats that my belly fat was not been burn so i heard you said that "you have to let the body use the storage fat", when i reduce the fat intake my body begun to use body fat & i notice my guts fat reduce. Watching youre videos has help me being healthy. This morning my blood ketons (0.5) thanks

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