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Azam Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto

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By: Azam

Age 33 146 lbs Height 6 I have been eating healthy for a year But I started keto 2 months ago And helped me alot Deit Breakfast at 12 with apple cider one spoon After 15 min 2 eggs with two slice of chees And one cup black coffee Multivitamins 1 tab Fish oil 2 cap 5 pm 6 oz chicken with cheese 7 to 9pm workout 9:30pm kale shake ( kale +lemon+ Wheatgrass) When I cheat little bit in term of having berries and any fruit I walked alot Sometimes organic milk with almond at night but not daily My cheat meal is chicken salad halal gyro Bottom line I was 155 lbs now 146lbs And much more definition in muscle

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