Pascal Rwabukamba's story

Pascal Rwabukamba has lost an astonishing 266 pounds, a fact that makes his keto story all the more interesting. He came across Dr. Berg’s videos after hitting a plateau a year into his weight- loss journey. The lessons he learned about intermittent fasting and the keto diet, along with other valuable information from Dr. Berg, were crucial to revitalizing his progress.

Rwabukamba’s success story began four years ago. “Being 435 pounds at age 26, I think anyone would consider losing weight,” he said. “Plus, diabetes runs in my family and I was experiencing symptoms that were really affecting my life: swollen feet, fluid retention, breathlessness, sleeplessness. My family was concerned and I knew it was time to take this seriously.”

He described Dr. Berg as a godsend. “There are a lot of weight-loss videos on YouTube but few are as legitimate as Dr. Berg,” he said. By taking his time and learning about the physiology behind Dr. Berg’s keto principles, Rwabukamba avoided having loose skin after losing the weight and he’s been able to stick with keto as a long-term change instead of trying to use it as a quick fix.

“It’s obvious to cut calories and junk food,” he said. “But, you hear so much about fad diets and fat-free foods. They just don’t work.” He found that Dr. Berg’s videos were the most influential factor in his success—more influential than the 15 books on nutrition that he bought.

But he didn’t lose all that weight without some exercise. Rwabukamba uses machines at the gym to put his good nutrition in the right places—and he takes supplements, including vitamins like B6.

“Mental toughness is key to getting started, and then following through to reach your goal,” said Rwabukamba. “Finding the right resources is important, but without discipline it won’t happen.”

When asked what he would have done differently during his weight loss journey, Rwabukamba brings up a shoulder injury he’s still recovering from. “I wish I would’ve focused on better form while I was exercising and taken the time to stretch properly.” He also mentions with a smile that he would love to have found Dr. Berg’s videos sooner.

Now, he says he feels like a new person. “I sleep better, I have more energy both mentally and physically. And it’s a great feeling to go to the doctor and leave without any health issues.”

He urges others not to give up and expresses the importance of having a support system that’s behind you all the way. “My faith and my family really helped get me to where I am now,” he said. “I’ve had a few depressive episodes and it wasn’t easy, but I didn’t give up.”

In the future, Rwabukamba hopes to inspire others. He’s pursuing a career as a motivational speaker as well as participating in body-building competitions. “I really feel I have something to offer besides what a personal trainer can do who’s been fit all their life,” he says. “I have a true understanding of what it takes and I’d love to help people reach their goals.”

“I really encourage people to take Dr. Berg’s advice and to avoid quick fixes,” adds Rwabukamba. “Thank you, Dr. Berg.”

Favorite Way to Exercise: Compound exercises that he used to avoid

Favorite Healthy Food: Eggs are Rwabukama’s go-to food and he sometimes eats 8 eggs in a day! 

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